Greys for Days Bandana

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Colour: Greys for Days

This is more than a piece of fabric. It’s the magic cloth your dog uses to boost your reach on Instagram. You’re usually a style icon, so make sure your pup maintains your look.

The Greys for Days Bandana adds a touch of luxurious class to any pooch, as well as preserving the effects of their latest spa day.

It has:

  • Three-button closure for quickly putting on/taking off
  • Adjustable neck size
  • Fancy rose gold logo plate to compliment your sparkle

If your doggo is the wiggly sort, never fear. The super simple button-up style means you can put it on and take it off with ease. We also wish your puppy luck trying to get out of it once it’s on. This bandana will stay on during all the day’s adventures.

Watch that fancy PUPSTLYE logo plate shimmer and catch the envious eye of everyone who passes by. Grab the matching collar, leash, harness and poop bag holder from the Greys for Days Collection.

Material & care

+ -

  • Easily washed polyester that comes out looking brand new
  • Bandanas are designed for good looks. Not recommended for rough play
  • For best results, hand wash in cool water or machine wash cold & gentle 
  • Do not soak 
  • Do not iron directly on rose gold logo

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A touch of Luxe

What's neck candy without some bling? Your new bandana features our signature Rose Gold logo for a little extra sparkle!

Button-Up & Stay Put

For pups who need a bandana that's quick and easy to put on and will stay on all day, the Button-Up style will quickly become your best friend! Hello, instant outfit changes!

  • How-To:
  • The PUPSTYLE Bandana

    We designed our bandanas with a three-button closure to stay on all day long. Attach at the loosest buttons for a wider fit or at the tightest buttons for a smaller fit.

    • Why a button-up style?
    • In our first year of starting PUPSTYLE, we offered both a tie-up bandana style and one that thread over the collar. Our customers loved the tie-up style because it was quick and easy to take on and off, but they would often come loose and untie themselves. Other customers loved our bandanas that thread over the collar because they stayed on all day, but they didn't like having to take their dog's collar on and off to be able to thread it on. So we came up with the best of both worlds and combined it into one unique design - a button-up style that stays on all day and is quick and easy to take on and off!

    "My puppy, Teddy, looks so handsome in this bandana and they are so easy to use. Press studs made it heaps easier than having to tie them on. I just love ours and I can't wait to order more!"

    Amanda L

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    Getting the perfect fit is so easy!

    Get your humans to measure your neck size and check in the table below.

    Button-Up Bandanas should fit around the dog's neck and button up at the back. Every bandana can be adjusted at 5 different neck sizes by securing the bandana on a different button. *Please note that these should not be a tight fit - allow 1-4cm extra on top of neck measurement for a comfortable fit.

    View pups wearing this style

    Button-Up Bandanas


    Neck Measurement

    Drop (top to bottom)


    19cm - 34cm
    7.5in - 13in



    28cm - 42cm
    11in - 16.5in



    32.5cm - 47cm
    12.8in - 18.5in



    41cm - 52cm
    16.1in - 20.5in


    Extender (sold seperately)

    Adds up to 8cm extra neck length to any PUPSTYLE bandana


    Pick a breed that is the closest to your dog

    Showing sizes for :
    Size Breed Age
    M Aussie Shepherd Aussie Shepherd Puppy up to 9 months
    L Aussie Shepherd Fully Grown Aussie Shepherd Adult
    Bandana Extender Aussie Shepherd Bigger/Fluffier Aussie Shepherds Adult
    M Beagle Beagle Puppy up to 9 months
    M Beagle Fully Grown Beagle Female Adult Female
    L Beagle Fully Grown Beagle Male Adult Male
    Bandana Extender Beagle Bigger Fully Grown Beagles that want a looser fit Adult
    S Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier Puppy up to 9 months
    M Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Fully Grown Cavalier Adult
    S Cavoodle Cavoodle Puppy up to 11 months
    S Cavoodle Fully Grown Toy Cavoodle Adult
    M Cavoodle Fully Grown Regular Cavoodle Adult
    S Chihuahua Chihuahua Puppy - Adult
    S Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Puppy up to 8 months
    M Cocker Spaniel Small Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel Females Adult Female
    L Cocker Spaniel Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel Adult
    Bandana Extender Cocker Spaniel Bigger Fully Grown Cocker Spaniels that want a looser fit Adult
    S Corgi Corgi Puppy up to 8 months
    M Corgi Fully Grown Cocker Spaniel Adult
    L Corgi Chunky Fully Grown Corgi Adult
    S Dachshund (Mini) Mini Dachshund up to 6kg/13lbs Puppy - Adult
    M Dachshund (Mini) Mini Dachshund up to 6kg/13lbs Puppy - Adult
    M Dachshund (Standard) Standard Dachshund up to 10kg/22lbs Puppy - Adult
    L Dachshund (Standard) Standard Dachshund over 10kg/22lbs Puppy - Adult
    M Dalmatian Dalmatian Puppy up to 9 months
    L Dalmatian Fully Grown Dalmatian Adult
    Bandana Extender Dalmatian Bigger Fully Grown Dalmatians that want a looser fit Adult
    S French Bulldog French Bulldog Puppy up to 8 months
    M French Bulldog Smaller Fully Grown French Bulldog Adult
    L French Bulldog Bigger Fully Grown French Bulldog Adult
    Bandana Extender French Bulldog Chunky Fully Grown French Bulldogs Adult
    M Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Puppy up to 9 months
    L Golden Retriever Fully Grown Golden Retriever Adult
    Bandana Extender Golden Retriever Bigger Fully Grown Golden Retriever Males Adult Male
    S Groodle Groodle Puppy up to 7 months
    M Groodle Small Fully Grown Groodle Females Adult Female
    L Groodle Fully Grown Groodle Adult
    Bandana Extender Groodle Bigger Fully Grown Groodles that want a looser fit Adult
    S Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Puppy up to 9 months
    M Italian Greyhound Fully Grown Italian Greyhound Adult
    S Jack Russell Jack Russell Puppy up to 10 months
    M Jack Russell Fully Grown Jack Russell Adult
    S Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Puppy - Adult
    S Kelpie Kelpie Puppy up to 7 months
    M Kelpie Small Fully Grown Kelpie Adult
    L Kelpie Bigger Fully Grown Kelpie Adult
    M Labradoodle Labradoodle Puppy up to 10 months
    M Labradoodle Small Fully Grown Labradoodle Females Adult Female
    L Labradoodle Fully Grown Labradoodle Males Adult Male
    Bandana Extender Labradoodle Bigger Fully Grown Labradoodles that want a looser fit Adult
    M Labrador Labrador Puppy up to 9 months
    L Labrador Fully Grown Labrador Adult
    Bandana Extender Labrador Bigger Fully Grown Labrador Males Adult Male
    S Maltese X Maltese X Puppy - Adult
    S Miniature Schnauzer Mini Schnauzer Puppy up to 8 months
    M Miniature Schnauzer Fully Grown Mini Schnauzer Adult
    S Papillon Papillon Puppy - Adult
    S Pomeranian Pomeranian Puppy - Adult
    S Pug Pug Puppy up to 8 months
    M Pug Smaller Fully Grown Pug Adult
    L Pug Bigger Fully Grown Pug Adult
    Bandana Extender Pug Chunky Fully Grown Pugs Adult
    M Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) Staffy Puppy up to 8 months
    L Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) Fully Grown Staffy Adult
    Bandana Extender Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) Chunky Neck Fully Grown Staffy Adult
    S West Highland Terrier (Westie) Westie Puppy up to 8 months
    M West Highland Terrier (Westie) Fully Grown Westie Adult
    S Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Puppy - Adult